Corporate Advice

New Startup

Dreams are built on hard work and sweat but there is a way to leverage on others as well. We help startups to get the capital and funds that is needed

Overdraft & Trade Facilities

You have the order, but you need to have smoother cashflow in the nick of time. Or even a back up plan, we provide the means to the end.

Machinery Financing

Manufacturers often need to revamp or replace some of their equipments to produce new products, produce more, or produce faster.

Contract Financing

Getting the contract was often the first battle, but not the last, subsequent fulfillment of the contract can require more than resources.

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Occassionally known as Letter of Credit (LOC) ensures smooth transaction and assurance to your service provider or manufacturer. With the bank as intermediary, your transaction can go international.

Why Us?

Documentation Savvy

There are times where financial instutions like banks will require more documents than usual. Our years of experience has given us the knowledge on what is required at different stages.

Decades of Experience

Collectively we have done this for decades, and we know what needs to be done when.

Right Connection

It's about who you know, and we will pull the right strings for you to get it done.
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